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It’s National Honey Bee Day today (21stAugust) and I’m buzzing to tell you about a couple of brand new designs that I’ve been working on featuring the beautiful bumble bee. I have been messing around with my paints and paintbrush and have come up with a lovely little keepsake gift for anyone who loves bees.

My new bumblebee design features on our handmade wooden heart keepsake plaque and comes in a hessian gift bag complete with a sachet  of mixed wildflower seeds that are perfect to help keep bees in your garden. 

 A couple of weeks ago I got to try out the sugar and water remedy for a little dehydrated bumblebee that was in our garden, I was absolutely delighted when I saw his little tongue come out and start to drink the sugary syrup and within minutes he was able to fly away and go over to our flower boxes and continue his important work. 

If you ever need to do what I did with the sugar water, here is the recipe - just mix one part sugar to 2 parts of hot water, allow the sugar to dissolve and cool. Pour into a very shallow lid, or as I did, on some foil folded up at the edges and place close to the bees face.

I have always loved bees and now they are so popular due to their decline in the world.  I have been reading up some facts on Google and have realised that they have such a short life-cycle,some species live only 28 days and in that time they do such brilliant things including pollinating plants and of course making honey.

It is important to add at this point that we must all buy British honey as it is the best in the world, and flavour like no other and supports our bees and our beekeepers.

We can all do a little more to help our bees grow and thrive, and the main thing we can do is to start and grow flowers in our garden that provide nectar for these beautiful buzzy little friends including lavender and bluebells and a range of wildflowers such as the ones in our mixed wildflower seed gift.

Studio News


My studio is coming on slowly but surely after a summer of up’s and down’s such as bad weather, holidays, and of course that broken elbow. But I do have news to tell you, the concrete base is now down and a row of bricks around the outside have been laid which have all taken quite some time to organise.
The wood has now arrived and we are hopeful that the cladding will also be here within the next couple of weeks. Materials have been so hard to come by, I think during the lockdowns lots of people have been busy building and of course brexit hasn’t helped.
So while all of the building work has taken place,  I have been very busy designing, creating, and thinking up a whole host of lovely ideas of crafts to teach you all and my main objective is to run creative, relaxing sessions with beautiful food, a lovely atmosphere, and of course the chance to learn something new.
 I will tell you more in the September newsletter but one of my great ideas is to host  some Crafternoon tea workshops, where I will supply the most delicious afternoon tea with sandwiches, home-made cakes supplied by Angel bakery and you will choose one of a number of projects to make during the afternoon. Everything including materials and tuition will be provided making  this a really lovely thing to do with family or friends, or treat Mum, Nan or your sister as a gift?
So, exciting times and I can’t wait to share my new studio and of course the Fiddley Diddley little shop of lovely things with you.
Hope you’re all having a lovely summer so far ? I know the weather hasn’t been the best but I think we are so grateful to be out and about and living a normal life again we haven’t even noticed that  Mr Sunshine hasn’t been around too much.
Take care of yourselves friends,
Love Lindsey X 

 If you haven’t done so already, join my Facebook page Fiddley Diddley craft workshops to find out more and hear when all our classes will start.


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