Fiddley Diddley Adoption Week

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I decided to hold a new annual event Fiddley Diddley Adoption Week which will take place every July starting this year and it got me thinking of Adoption and all that it brings.
Keith and I were not blessed with any children of our own but have been so lucky to have been able to play an important role in the life of my niece Amy who I always refer to as my daughter, I tell people that she’s my Daughter, Niece, Goddaughter and best friend in that order which always makes her laugh. I have been lucky enough to take part in all of the important stages of her life and seen her grow up. One of my treasured moments was when she turned 18 and she decided to add our surname to her own surname by deed pole as a gift for my 50th birthday.
Amy is now 22 and I am so proud of her and the beautiful young woman she has become ( she is beautiful inside and out) she has her own room here at Bluebell cottage and we love sharing our life with her and I especially love our baking days and girls shopping trips.
Amy has always played some part in Fiddley Diddley and is very artistic, she helps us in our workshop at least couple of days a week which I hope will continue and possibly increase now that she has finally finished at university. 
I was thinking of her as I created all of my little newborn babies which I am featuring this week (starting the 26th of July) at our big event - Fiddley Diddley”s Adoption Week.
I smile to myself as all of the babies just look like Amy when she was a little baby and she had a little dummy and a teddy and was so cute when she was tiny infact all of the fairies and angels end up like mini Amy”s too.
She brings so much joy to our lives as I hope my little pottery newborn babies will bring to the lives of whoever decides to adopt them?
We had thought about adoption ourselves but in the end Amy filled the little gap in our lives where something was missing but I often think about how different things might have been and how brave people are to go through that process to adopt a baby or a child and even more so those special people who take on children by being a foster parents?
Something I could never have considered as I would surely get too attached. 
Unfortunately in the UK there are at least 6000 adoptions every year and over half of them are school age and are brothers and sisters who need to be adopted together.
These are staggering figures but hopefully these children all find loving families and live happily ever after.
I will close for now with these beautiful words which so many people will say to their adoptive children over the coming years - 

❤️We didn’t give you the gift of life, but life gave us the gift of you❤️
Hope you’re all having a wonderful summer so far? the weather this last couple of weeks has been absolutely beautiful here on the Lincolnshire coast let’s hope it continues well into autumn.
Take care 
Love Lindsey X

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  • Maureen Atkins on

    I loved reading your beautiful story about yourselves and wonderful niece Amy x its so lovely to hear about the amazing connection & love you have for each other and how special was the present for your 50th birthday reading it brought a tear to my eye.My grandaughter presented me with something very special last year a card asking me to be her bridesmaid in 2022 as it was on my bucket list also considering I will be 77 then it’s amazing and I must say I shed a few tears😊love & best wishes to all at Fiddley Diddley 👶🏼👶🏼xxxx

  • Lindsey on

    Sorry to make you cry mum. So glad I had Amy to keep us going and thank Helen every day for sharing her with me ❤️

  • Mum on

    They were lovely things to say my Potter ,you made me cry 😘😘

  • Lindsey on

    Thank you for your lovely words xxx

  • Hilary on

    Dearest Lindsey
    What a beautiful posting . Amy is do very lucky to have you in her life. If every child in the world could have a home where they felt as much love what’s wonderful world it would be . Thank you for sharing your heartfelt story . With so much love and thoughts xxxx

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