About Fiddley Diddley

Over the steppingstones and across the cowslip meadow,
There at the edge of the bluebell wood
Is a make believe world called Fiddley Diddley.
As the butterfly flutters by and the robin sings his pretty song,
And the scent of wild honeysuckle and rose fills the air,
You’ll really feel the magic of the world of Fiddley Diddley.

Hello friend,

We all need a welcome distraction from our daily life and receiving a small token of Handmade loveliness can mean the absolute world. Here in our little workshop on the Lincolnshire coast, Keith and I put our heart and soul into creating quality handmade gifts at affordable prices.

We have great pleasure in creating our beautiful little porcelain figures, hand thrown and decorated pots and personalised wooden keepsakes, we know from over 25 years in business our creations have been collected, given and  loved by many. Each piece is uniquely handmade with love and friendship and we hope this is evident in the detail and service we provide?

Thank you for looking at our website, it’s been a long time coming, and we hope you enjoy browsing our little shop of lovely things.

I look forward to meeting you at an event or making something special for you soon.


Lindsey xxxx

Meet the team top photo packaging manager Peggie Loula and below quality control Bella Rooney ( the looney) x

Our wooden items are all made here in our workshop. Keith prepares the wood and cuts and paints each item, and then the decoration and any ribbons, twine, wire and personalisation is added by Lindsey.

We have been making our unique range of porcelain figures, hand thrown bowls and cottages for over 25 years. Each piece individually handmade, so each one different and with its own personality. Fired to 1260 degrees porcelain is both the highest fired of all clays and also one of the hardest clays to model and throw.