A Joyous jubilee afternoon

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What a joyous jubilee afternoon we all had, 7 lovely clients and 3 fabulous carers from a local care home visited the studio for an afternoon of jubilee decoration making. Paper chains, large rosettes and lantern bunting was the order of the day.

We had such a lovely time and The cakes my Facebook group chose for them last week went down an absolute treat! Chocolate fudge cake and Victoria sponge. 

Everyone was really excited about the pending festivities and I was informed of the wonderful party they were getting prepared for back at home and the lovely food and party games that would be taking place ( throw the bone in the corgi’s mouth and pin the crown on the queen were the ones I was interested in ❤️) I can’t wait to welcome them back.

I continue with my jubilee classes this weekend with the door wreath classes. 

what are you doing for the jubilee? Whatever it is, have the best time!

Love Lindsey xx










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