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Last weekend I was placed under the spotlight and was interviewed live on Instagram by my sister Mel, from Cookie Doodle Doo (Famed for her fabulous personalised cookie business)

She had a few questions for me to answer which hopefully let my customers see the person behind Fiddley Diddley, and I talked about my values and why I do the work I do.

It was actually really enjoyable after a bit of early stage fright, and she asked about family and how I started Fiddley Diddley and what the future holds in store for me and my little handmade business.

The questions asked got me thinking about my values and hopes for the future and how I have evolved from making my pottery starting back in 1995 to how I now offer a full personalised service, making gifts for all occasions.

Please feel free to have a watch, here's a link to YouTube, and meet the real me.

I was asked about my favourite thing to make and I really had to think about my answer as I enjoy all aspects of my work. Lately I have really enjoyed creating my new Keepsake cards ( personalised wooden keepsake gifts and card in one) so I showed a couple of examples of those, and in the pottery I love making my shelf edge fairies and showed a latest version Twinkle who sports a wire at the back and little star.

Perhaps you know me already, perhaps you look forward to getting to know me better through my products, but either way I'm so very grateful and appreciative of your support along my journey, either via social media or by subscribing to my website to hear my latest news.

I hope youve enjoyed this weeks blog and I look forward to sharing a bit more about us over the coming weeks and months.

Love Lindsey xx

Creative director, Mum of two beautiful doggies and lover of all things nice.



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