Easter wishes

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Did you know that the Easter Bunny story originated in Germany?, Dating back hundreds of years the hare was said to be the symbol of the pagan goddess of spring and fertility and here at Fiddley Diddley we have been creating a few spring Bunnies ourselves for our Easter collection.
The worlds largest Easter egg weighs in at 5000lbs and took 12,000 hours to complete, I must admit it is a big feat to cut, hand paint and decorate my beautiful Easter plaques but I think it’s well worth it and gives me a great sense of satisfaction when I stand back and see my work finished in front of me.
The U.K.’s first chocolate egg was produced in Bristol in 1873 by the Fry family and two years later in 1875 Cadburys made their very first egg and we are using lots of beautiful Chocolate  mini eggs in our sweetie boxes this Easter.
When you look since that first egg was made and purchased in 1873 we have consumed many tons of chocolate eggs over the years to the present day.
Traditionally Easter falls on the first Sunday after the full moon at the end of March and this year it is quite an early Easter and I’m hoping that your Easter is a reflection on the past year and a new beginning of hope as spring emerges.
I love to see the spring flowers in the garden and at the moment I am loving seeing my mini daffodils which stand straight and tall even with the harsh spring winds that we have had here on the Lincolnshire coast. I have tried to include some of those spring flowers and an Easter feeling in my new Easter collection sweetie boxes and I hope you enjoy having a look at the collection on my website.
Here at Fiddley Diddley we would like to wish you all a very happy Easter and a beautiful spring too xx

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